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Simplified Transparent Pricing



See what is wrong with your equipment before paying for a major repair at a fraction of the OEM's cost. Price is only for a single device and each additional will be charged $100 per device during the office visit. Returning another day will require the initial charge unless agreed upon ahead of time. Parts are not included. If a repair is needed, you will be charged the corresponding fee.


Preventative Maintenance

Service call including Preventative Maintenance only. Parts are classified as extra. If you have already done an initial surgical center audit for the calendar year, you will be charged this amount for each additional. Handpiece refurbishment are charged this labor fee as well.




Service, Repairs, and Surgicenter Audits

All Repairs and services done outside of standard PMs will be charged this fee for labor. Parts are an additional charge. If you require Surgical Center Audits, you will be charged this amount for the initial audit and if you do semi-annual or quarterly checks, each additional will be charged as a PM.




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