Repairs and Serving

We provide repairs and service to any surgical and clincal equipment. Types of equipment we fix includes surgical, anesthesia, sterilization, some labratory, clinical like patient monitors, patient beds and chairs, surgical equipment like tables and electrical surgical units. and lasers.


For lasers, we are familiar with all the different laser mediums and technology like Solid State (311, 532, 755, 1064, 2940nm), Intensed Pulse Light (IPL), Radio Frequency, Diode, Gas (CO2, Excimer, etc.), and Dye lasers (Vbeam). There are so many manufacturers that are available today and were available in the past, but we are familiar with all major laser manufacturers and can work on past laser technology as well. Feel free to contact us and let us know what system you have and we can see if it's possible for us to work on it!

Parts Sales and Inquiry

Parts for different systems are sometimes not as easily found or require some custimization. One service we offer is part sales where we offer some parts that we already have in stock or readily available. Should your repair require an advanced part or one that is not available, we may be able to either make or source that part! Contact us and have us come out for a diagnostic to see if we are able to get that part!


If you are a technician yourself, please contact us directly to discuss opening a wholesale account. Parts will need to be supplied by our company or our partners for a warranty to come in place. Parts will sometimes require a technician to be sold to an office. If no technician is available, we can work with you to find one. This is due to requirements and hazardous laws in place. 

Device Familiarization and Training

As a certified laser repair technician and biomedical equipment technician, it is our duty to make sure you and your staff are familiar with any and all equipment to include required maintenance, operator responsibilities, and details on usage. We do offer training on your devices during install or even during PM times, but note this is operator training, not clinical. For clinical training, you may contact us to get a list of our trusted partners and practitioners. 

Equipment Consulting

Considering getting a new piece of equipment, but not sure if you already have what it states it offers? Have tons of lasers and not sure if you really need that many? Considering upgrading and want to get an idea of the cost? We offer equipment consulting! With over 10 years experience in healthcare and medical equipment, we can go over what your needs are and see what is the best fit for your practice! If you have more than what you need, we can go over your options and what equipment may be overkill or not needed!

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